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When it comes to property management and investing, there are a lot of decisions and choices to make. Questions begin to generate about the process, such as:

  • What Rate of Return (ROI) should I expect on my investment?
  • Which property?
  • Where and for how much?
  • How does appreciation affect my ROI.
  • A rehab?
  • A condo?
  • What are the most important features?
  • Where are the good deals?
  • How can I make an offer?
  • How can I find a renter?
  • Do I need a marketing plan?
  • How will that tenant treat the house?
  • How will maintenance be accomplished?
  • What is the process of collecting rent, doing inspections, tracking deposits, executing contracts?

What else should I be considering?

Imagine you have an ally or friend, a trusted business partner. Or better yet a team of people, who have been dealing with those exact issues, day-in and day-out for years. Imagine they understand your needs, treat you with uncompromising integrity and are known in the community for its success. You have just imagined The Graham Property Management Team!

No matter where you are in the property management process, it is always wise to get advice and work with people who have a proven track record of success. The Graham Property Management Team has the people and systems in place to help Southern Nevadans with any and all of their property management needs.

Our Services


To officially join The Graham Team Property Management Team, owner/investors agree to a property management agreement. This is the beginning of the road to achieving our clients’ goals.

Doing business with integrity, means we don’t charge any secret or hidden fees. Our documentation allows us to be on the same page with our clients. Having written communication and contracts allows each party to clearly state the goals and expectations of each other.
We strive to make the set-up process, the fees, and paperwork involved, as transparent and as simple as possible. The property manager signs all of the documentation and the client will receive a copy of all of the paperwork.
The fees charged by The Graham Team Property Management will vary depending on our clients’ goals and expectations. If you are interested in becoming a Graham Team client, contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss your objectives. We then can take that information to create a plan to successfully meet your goals and expectations.
The Graham Team will conduct a full walk-through of the property and provides recommendations based upon health and safety, asset preservation, and enhancements to attract quality tenants (if any).  We have a team of professionals who can assist our Owners with any repairs necessary.
Once we have signed the agreed-upon terms, in the Property Management Agreement, then The Graham Team gets to work, quickly preparing the property for marketing and leasing.


Casting a wide, consistent net with determination and research will always result in positive results. The Graham Team has a dedicated marketing campaign utilizing both traditional and high tech avenues.

Yard Signs – Many future tenants still drive prospective neighborhoods looking for the right place. We make sure the property stands out from others.
Reaching Agents – The Multiple Listing Service is one of the best ways to reach over 14,000 local professional real estate agents who help tenants find property. We add the finer details and high-quality pictures to the listing to make sure agents see the property and show their clients.

Our Website and iPhone/Android Apps – We list all of our managed properties with prominence on our company site and app (On our Home Page and Here). Both have a wealth of information, are kept current and are quickly growing in popularity. Future tenants can view Crown Point Realty to have access to The Graham Team’s properties from anywhere in the world.
The Internet – 88% of people used the internet in their property search (Source: 2011 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers). With The Graham Team, prospective tenants will have access to your property all over the web. Again, we use as much data and as many graphics as possible to help pique interest locally, and all over the world.
We keep you apprised of all our efforts and will continue to monitor the properties condition, during the marketing process.


The effort of extensive marketing is accomplished when the goal of finding the highest quality tenant for your property is achieved. Ensuring the tenant is qualified and able to lease your home is of the utmost importance to The Graham Team.

We look into the potential tenant’s credit, criminal, and eviction reports. We also investigate current and past employment income.
With all these factors, we make an informed decision and keep our owner/investors in the loop during the process.
The Graham Team proudly adheres to the Fair Housing Act and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap.


Our team has an attention to detail unrivaled in the Las Vegas Valley. This comes in handy when dealing with important issues such as contractual obligations and money matters.

We use the most current forms recognized as reliable by the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS and make sure our clients are protected.
We use state-of-the-art accounting software and knowledgeable accountants to make sure every cent is processed and accounted for.
All rent is due by the first of the month and is considered late on the third. A late fee is then assessed on 4th. If payment is not received by the fifth day, eviction proceedings will begin.
All disbursements will be made to owner/investors on the tenth day of the month. Direct Deposit, or ACH, is the preferred method of payment; however, checks can be issued on written request.


The protection of an owner/investor’s property is one of Graham Teams’ top priorities. We recognize the importance of inspections, documenting issues and communicating major concerns to our clients.

Every lease agreement begins with a thorough walk-through of the home. This is signed both by the tenant and property manager. All inspections include photos and video, when appropriate. 
Periodic inspections of the home are done while making general home maintenance repairs, such as air filter replacements.
When the need arises, our team responds to problems and repairs within 24 hours. We use preferred reliable vendors and coordinate with home warranty companies, when available.
Our leases require Tenants to be responsible for minor repairs under $100. The Property Management agreements sets a limit for repairs to be made by the Property Manager, typically set around $300 on the owner/investor’s behalf. We communicate on all repairs and receive Owner approval on any issues exceeding this repair limit.
Our clients receive all documentation and invoices about the issue, as communication is vital during these times.
Should a tenant not renew their lease, a thorough walk-through will be completed with photos. Any repairs needed, that were due to the actions of the tenant, will be paid out of the security deposit.
Prior to relisting the property, normal wear and tear repairs will be recommended, these items are the financial responsibility Owner. Our Owners can rest easy knowing their investment is in good hands.

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