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Why Choose Us to Sell Your Home:

  • Experience
    In our 30+ years of experience, we've helped over 5,000 families become established in Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley since 1994. 
  • Knowledgeable
    We study the market daily to make sure we provide you current and accurate recommendations. We are honest with our recommendations, advise and solutions.
  • Driven
    We are constantly developing and enhancing our systems and process to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We will not guarantee there will be “no problems”, but we DO guarantee that we will not present a problem without a solution. We work until we find a solution. We will work hard for you.

Getting Started

If you are ready to get started, your next step is to speak with one of The Graham Team Realtors. We will perform a Free Home Analysis to give you an estimate of your home’s value in today’s market. We will then walk you through the process of listing and selling your home, answer any questions you might have, and develop an anticipated timeline.

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